On any given night in Australia, 1 in 200 people are homeless… and these numbers are swelling.

Facing Adversity was started because every morning we were passing more and more people afflicted by homelessness, yet we didn’t know how we could help or what difference we could make.

It turned out we were not alone in this… So, we started asking everyone we knew what they think and feel when they pass a homeless person in the street and overwhelmingly, the answer was the same: it was easier to look away than to ask and not know how to help.

And that was it; people wanted to help, but didn’t know how to…

So, we sat down with someone who was sleeping rough that we’d formed a friendship with over the past year to understand his side of the story. From that conversation we identified the following:

  1. When you live on the street, it’s a constant battle to feel worthy when people try to pretend you don’t exist.

  2. Anyone could end up homeless. It only takes one or two large events to coincide at the wrong time.

On the back of this, we started going out and hearing other people’s stories. And the more stories we heard, the more we realised that understanding the plight of these people is the first step in creating more connection, empathy, compassion and changing the narrative of homelessness.

So, we are going out, providing some lunch or dinner, and giving a megaphone to those people that don’t usually get a voice.




If you’re interested in finding out how you can be involved, send us an email using the contact form below (or email us at info@facingadversity.org).

There are lots of different ways you can contribute (such as by buying lunch for someone you pass everyday and listening to their story, or by writing a post and we will post it on Facing Adversity - we can give you more info on how we approach these conversations and the posts we write, or even simply spreading the word about Facing Adversity via our Instagram).

We’re really grateful for anyone that wants to be involved - so thank you, you’re amazing!